You Will Get There

Dear me,
People are allowed to make mistakes, and that includes you. You’re not perfect, don’t be so hard on yourself.
Because you trip up and stumble doesn’t make you bad, it makes you human.
It teaches you humility, not to think of yourself as higher or better than others because you’re just the same as them.
Humans are fallible, and unfortunately, you’re a human and not an angel so you fall under that category. You’re fallible. You’re human, and that’s what makes you special; the ability to stumble and fall but then pick yourself up again and keep pressing on, overcoming obstacles in your path and not deterring from your goal. It’s called steadfastness, it’s a rare quality, but I know it can be found in you.
So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep pressing on. The journey isn’t over until you reach your destination, no matter how long it takes you to get there… and Trust me, you WILL get there.
Many blessings,

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