Circle Of Life

All reactions are to actions

And all actions cause reactions

All words can build or break

All wounds can mend or make

All friends have something in common

And being uncommon is something in common

All people tend to make friends

And all friends tend to make people

All pains cause a hurt

And all hurts cause a pain

All wounds may let out blood

And all blood lets out remains

Every sound breaks a silence

Every silence too, breaks a sound

And every song comes from the heart

As the heart is inspired in every song The fun in life is made by you

And so also, the fun makes you

The wrong always has something right

So as there is always wrong in right.

The master mostly teaches the pupil

But it’s the pupil who teaches him to teach

The lawyer does defend his client

But the client has to defend him too

There’s a law that pulls things down

That same law makes thins go round

If you roll a boulder from Chicago

It will come back to Chicago

A circle has no beginning or end

For the beginning is the end

Our human nature and natures miracle

Shows us truly that life is a circle.

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