Retreat to Rebirth: My Story by Ndidi Nkwokpara

A Book by Ndidi Nkwopara

“When “Retreat To Rebirth: My Story” by Ndidi Nkwopara first came to my attention, I mused to myself that this is probably one of the AMAZON self published craze that is sweeping the world now. How wrong I was. However, at the time. I waved the book off, closed my eyes and imagined the content of the book. I even tasked myself to visualise the cover, the #quality, the font, the type face. And above all, I thought I could, off my head, from previous book experiences, tell the content by the title.

Two days after the first knowledge of the book on a forum, I became restless as I found myself reciting the title of the book. It started subconsciously and eventually I couldn’t control myself any longer. The title got into me. It creeped into my consciousness and involuntarily I saw the beauty in the title. I turned it around in my head many times and I started relating more and more to it.

After several weighing of “Retreat To Rebirth: My Story” in my head, I became aware of how #impactful the stories are. This is not an ordinary title, it is one that started a story and ended it on the cover. Then the scales fell off my eyes and something ministered to me about this book.

A few days after. I got the author/signed complimentary copy through my letter box. I was delighted to have it. The cover was more illustrative than I ever imagined. The eagle on the cover literally flew to life. I flipped through and my eyes caught the subtitle in the introduction: “The Rebirth of the Eagle”. I love the eagle. Of all the birds in the air, I identify with the eagle. I find it absolutely beautiful and spiritual.

Apart from the #beautiful cover, Ndidi couldn’t have set the interest of readers alight more than the story of the eagle. I became more interested as I sat down on the bottom stairs of my house to dig into this treasure of a book. I put my back against the wall and read the story of how the eagle reinvents itself. As I later found out n a couple of minutes, all the stories in the book are very #compelling and #interesting.

The stories are written and told in a simple straight forward English Language. The author’s choice of words and literary construction are very #impressive. The flow of the story is clear and straight forward. There is no ambiguity.

I salute Ndidi for this book. It is often an uphill task to subject our private lives to public scrutiny. As humans we tend to guard, jealously, the aspects of our lives that may portray us #vulnerable. We hide out feelings, our health #challenges, our journey through life. We most times tell our stories to make us “super”. We do not want to be judged by others. But Ndidi breaks the mould, as he puts herself in the public space to inspire others.

What the author has done with the book “Retreat to Rebirth: My Story” is to bare herself naked to the world so others could be #inspired. She successfully put her stories together to teach various lessons about life. We see the vulnerable side of Ndidi. From another angle we also see the fighter in Ndidi. The woman that says “no to adversity(ies)”,

Impressively Ndidi takes us on her journey , she masterly crafted the stories without losing focus of her ultimate aim – to #teach. She holds the hands of the readers and lead them through her life. She shows them the various bus stops has walked before. our hands as she took us on those car rides with her driver “seeking” male child #fertility treatment. We are educated on the pressure women undergo just to be accepted in a society where male child is regarded as sign of #affluence.

Ndidi is not only a good writer, she is a good fighter. For a woman who has conquered cancer, she is an authority that should stand up and be counted. She shared some of her secrets under the subtitle – #Faith And #Healing Decisions. She lists them as living in #forgiveness, healthy lifestyle choices, laughter and gratitude and helping others. She revealed her passion for life coaching services “was more for prevention: prevention of diseases, prevention of emotional and #mentalbreakdown, prevention of #financialcrIsis

I commend this book to everyone. You will be inspired by the paths that the author has walked.”

Review by Morak Babajide-Alabi,
Sunday Vanguard Newspaper

(#’s added for emphasis by me, not included in the original review).

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