by Casidii


Ink is one short but epic story of self-discovery by Casidii, who beautifully portrays (in less than three chapters) the internal battle we all must in order to rise and realize who we truly are.


Content used with permission from author.

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Chapter 1: The goddess of the sand

I will tell you about nne-nne and the battle that changed my life, for lack of a better clichè term.

She was the eccentric type that caused people to lower their gaze and voices whenever she walked past.

Tall ebony, hardened with age, wisdom and a silence that echoed through the storm.

Her hair was a rich black moss that sat like a crown on her head.

I remember the first time I saw the strange ink that lined her body, how she smiled and convinced me I was not crazy when I pointed out that the words pulsed and moved.

“Your vision is limited”, she said with a pat on my back, “Don’t you see? The destiny of our souls, the words of power to become who we will is written all over us.” I laughed and thought about how people would think I was crazy too.

One day, she said it was time for my eyes to be opened.

She stood in front of me and yanked a pointy strand of hair. Without warning, she poked my eye hard with the pointy bit, i yelled out in pain.

And then i witnessed the battle. The strand of hair had transformed to a spear.

They stood in the middle of a barren land, Nne-Nne and the small man robed from head to toe in white, littered with bones that stretched further than my eyes could see.

Above the man hovered a bird like creature, the size of a crow, brown feathers and a sledge hammer in its claws.

I did not recognize the Nne-Nne that glowed under the amber lit sky, the wicked grin that hung on her face or the massive creature that floated above her wielding a saw in its claws. It had the face of an owl but the body of a dragon. Each time it flapped its wings the ground seemed to shake.

“I have come to claim what is mine.” Nne said in a thunderous voice I had never heard before.

She struck the spear she clutched in her hand into the ground and a powerful gust tore through the space around her as the owl like creature above her charged at the man.

Suddenly I was the eye of the owl-dragon, chasing down the other creature with the sledge hammer.

It raised its hammer in defiance like it stood a chance, a blow came crashing on our left wing with the force of an army.

Child’s play. We grabbed the creature and pinned it to the ground, the fool. I felt no remorse as we sliced through the creature effortlessly with the saw, its screams lasting no more than a few seconds. A hoot of victory as we lifted a sliced half of its corpse to the battle scene.

My vision returned to Nne-nne and the man now lying at her feet, its spirit animal gone, the battle won.

The land was green.

Nne-Nne looked at me, lifting her spear in the air. I laughed and cheered in delight…and then I noticed the ink pulsing on my skin.

I was the goddess of the sand.

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