“I miss someone so much. What should I do?”

Well, that depends on a number of factors… like mainly, if they’re alive or not.

If they’re alive and you have a direct contact number… maybe check up on them.

And I don’t mean an overly excessive number of calls and texts: that’s just annoying. If you miss someone, there’s nothing wrong with just saying, “hi.”

But then again, it depends on the circumstances surrounding their “being missed.”

If they’re deceased, or they’re alive but due to one or two things you don’t really speak and for whatever reason the relationship can’t be restored, then I’d suggest:

When you think about them and miss all the good times, the things they’ve done, the way they’ve been, think about how these things have helped you and made you into who you are. Be grateful for the impact they’ve made in your life and allow that to fuel your future emotions. Instead of missing them, becoming nostalgic and wanting them back, be grateful for who they’ve made you and use what they’ve left you to make them proud.

No doubt, you will feel like you miss them and all, it’s only natural. It’s not about what you feel but how you interpret what you feel that determines what you do.

In my personal opinion, there’s nothing wrong with missing someone (I’m not saying you implied that), so I don’t really think I ever need to do anything about it. However, if it gets to a point where it’s affecting my daily life, then I pay attention to what my emotions are trying to tell me.

Maybe they fulfilled an emotional need in me that’s been left unfulfilled since they left. Missing them may just be my minds way of telling me that I need to pay attention to a certain aspect of my life or meet a certain need within me.

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