“Is love a sacrifice or is it just a feeling?”

I would say it’s neither.

Love is a decision.

It’s a conscious decision you make to accept someone or something the way they are and to put up with them, faults and all.

Yes, love involves feelings. When you make a decision to do or go for something, part of the motivating factors of that decision would be a feeling (whatever feeling it may be).

When you decide to stick with someone, feelings are stirred up. There’s a whole myriad of feelings: joy, satisfaction, frustration, irritation, pride, disappointment, approval, gladness… these feelings are part of what constitute our daily experiences.

Love does involve sacrifice on so many different levels. Today, you may need to make a massive sacrifice and tomorrow you may just need to compromise a little on something. Sacrifice isn’t always something hard or major, it’s simply giving up one thing for another. Or putting one thing before the other for the benefit of someone else.

Sometimes you might even end up making sacrifices that leave you happier and more fulfilled than the person you’re sacrificing for.

Ultimately, love is a decision and that initial decision is usually made when everything is rosy and feels good, the feelings of excitement at experiencing something new, and that’s why it’s referred to most times as a feeling.

Love is a decision and that decision is tried and tested by the different struggles and hardships you encounter along the way. The ability to keep putting someone or something before yourself even when it doesn’t feel so good or it seems to be costing more than it’s profiting, that’s what makes people refer to love as sacrifice.

Love ultimately is the decision to be, and the many other little decisions to stay, with a person or thing, to accept them with all their shortcomings and to believe in them and hope for the best for them.

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