Remember to live

Life is short… I think anyone past 21 realises that. 

We spend a lot of time worrying about what people think, feel and would say, and in the process cage and restrict ourselves. 

Trying to live by the assumed rules of others doesn’t impress them. People are impressed with real, authentic living. 

There’s something about authenticity that draws others in. 

You are who you are, so just be yourself… everyone else is taken. 

You are amazing and wonderful in your own way, so stop trying to be like others and begin to be yourself. 

Live by your own plan, play by your own rules, stop being so hard on yourself. 

When you fall, get back up and keep living. 

Remember to live, it’s YOUR life. If it were to be lived by their rules, it would’ve been given to them, not you. 

One thought on “Remember to live

  1. “You are who you are, so just be yourself… everyone else is taken”

    This is spot on, life has no do overs, so it is fundamental that we live our best life.

    Once again Xyvah Okoye blesses us with some wisdom through her exceptional writing. Never stop, keep doing you.


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