The Tribe

No man is an island, we are all part of a tribe…

But what is that tribe? And what does it take to be a part of it?

We live in connection with others and our actions affect those around us. But when the good of the masses goes against the good of one, where do we draw the line on right and wrong.

No man is an island, but we are all individuals on our own journey though we march to the inaudible drum of family do’s and don’ts, societal norms constructed by individuals who believe they are putting the safety of the tribe first. But if they determine what is best for the tribe, then how do we know they are not putting their own selfish interests first? After all, what we know is good for us is what they taught us?

No man is an island, but on the island, it is easy to be made to feel alone. Especially when the tribe decides to ostracise one of their own for not fitting into their perceived and dictated norms.

…If you don’t toe the line, then you’re not one of us…

and unconditional love and acceptance goes out the window.

No man is an island, but what happens when people on the island don’t like you because you’re different? Because you think different and act different? Because you aren’t like everyone else who finds their identity in the tribe and settles comfortably into their place in its ranks?

You become a cancer, hellspawn, simply for being different. Not because you’re bad, but because your wrong. Not because you’ve made bad choices, but because your choices do not line up with the EXPECTATIONS and dictations of the tribe and it’s members.

… Because right and wrong are extremely subjective and in another context or situation, you would be a hero of the state, but according to the tribe, you are a big DISAPPOINTMENT.

It makes you wonder, after all your years of putting others first, of giving and loving and being there for them in the little, everyday things, you get so much backlash for one perceived wrong?

Why are we not rewarded for the good we do, but punished when we step out of line? Lines drawn and determined by others for us to follow… and when do we begin to draw our own lines?

In a tribe, the individual is never as good as the whole. The individual doesn’t exist, no man is an island. No man has an identity aside from the predetermined one given to you by the tribe, and the tribe accepts, not because its decisions look out for the individuals, but because it uses the individuals to look out for itself. That is why the system exists.

Without the individuals, there is no tribe… and yet, the individual is never important in the tribe, because we believe that no man is an island so we follow their rules and play their game… even when they shift the goalpost.

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