The strongest shoulders often carry the heaviest burdens.

A man turned to his friend for help with $100 top up so he could buy a car. Little did he know that the friend he had turned to was also looking to his cousin for $1000 to fix an ongoing issue with his own car engine. And that his cousin was also looking to his own godfather for $10,000 to fix an issue with the plumbing in his home. And his godfather was also looking to his bank for a $100,000 loan to fix up his own home.

The point I’m trying to make: the people you turn to for help with your problems sometimes have bigger problems than you do.

When someone is a great friend, always there, always caring, always lending a listening ear, offering a shoulder to lean on, it very often happens that we get so used to them being there and always helping that we begin to feel entitled to their kindness and sometimes even get angry when the person is unable to deliver or falls short of their usual standard of care…

Sometimes, we know the feeling. Other times, we cause it.

Don’t forget that they are also human, and because they don’t open up about the things they are facing, don’t presume that they have no issues of their own.

Why not take some time today to reverse the roles. Do the caring. Reach out and offer your shoulder to someone who has always been there for you.

Instead of expecting them to call and check up on you, call to check up on them. Let them know that you care and appreciate them.

appreciating my own strong friends today
Share with your friends who deserve to be appreciated.

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