Write Daily

Some days, you’ll find that inspiration flows and you may even be able to write several chapters There are, however, days where you may stare at the page for hours on-end and only write a few words because you are unable to express your thoughts eloquently. This is where habit becomes important.

Develop a habit of putting words to paper (or screen) each day. Carve out a minuscule portion of time each day and dedicate that to writing. Once that’s done, you’ll find that, even if you wrote only a sentence a day, you would have 365 sentences by the end of a year.


  • Think of a portion of time you find convenient (it could be 5mins or 2hrs, Pick what is reasonable and best suits your lifestyle and schedule) and make a decision to carve out that block solely for your writing.
  • Consider your daily schedule. What time would be most productive writing time for you? Would it be when you wake up? Or just before bed? Or maybe on your lunch break? Set the time that’s most practical for you and follow through on your decision to write daily.

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