Introducing our new web novel library!

For those who don’t know what a web novel is, it’s any type of novel that’s published online as a page, a downloadable format (such as PDF), or any other electronic format. 

Some web novels are free-to-read, while others are pay-to-read… and a web novel can very well grow to become a published book! 

We at Chartus.X understand this and have put together a number of stories (with more on the way) for your enjoyment, ranging from a quick 4 min read to over 20 mins of story time. 

With completed stories and those still on-going (chapters updated on a regular basis), you too can join in the fun. If you’re a lover of books and short stories, you’re in the right place.

You can now find our web novels on our main menu, or follow the links below for completed and ongoing stories.

Completed Webnovels 

Ongoing Webnovels

Also, if you’re a writer of novels/short stories and are interested in getting them published with us, simply email (re: web novel enquiry) with your name, the title of your story and a synopsis. 

All our stories are copyright © protected and licensed for your enjoyment only.
Please respect the hard work of the author by refraining from copying their work (except for the purpose of adverting it)

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