Putting in careful and persistent work or effort is a major key to going a long way in creative writing. 

As a writer, you will not always be in a constant state of flowing creative ideas. Sometimes you’ll go through dry spells where you stare at the blank screen or page for hours with not a single word coming to mind. 

Sometimes, you may not feel like writing at all, other times you may have nothing to write. 

Diligence is learning to still assign the necessary daily (or however frequently you have decided) time to your writing. If you can’t seem to get the words out, try reading or doing some research on what you’re writing about, but don’t walk away from it. Put in the persistent effort and it will eventually yield results. 


  1. Set aside a time for your creative writing, be it daily, weekly, or every other day. 
  2. Stick to the time you have assigned for it and write down any challenges you may encounter while trying to keep to it. This will help you find the times and writing frequencies that suit you best. 

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