Just Do It

Interested in writing? Got a great idea for a book but aren’t sure how to begin? Here’s some simple advice: don’t complicate things, just do it.

It’s in the execution of an idea that you discover what it’s worth… plus, it’s always better to have a bad manuscript than no manuscript at all. Don’t worry about getting it right the first time. Your first draft is just that! When you have your draft, then you can improve upon and develop it. It’s impossible to improve on or develop nothing.

So, if you’ve wanted to write a book or story, simply just start. Put one word in front of the other until it forms a sentence. Then write a series of sentences. Once you’ve done that, you then have something to work with.

Different people have many structures and techniques to writing, such as making bullet points of your ideas and creating a story outline. While these are extremely helpful techniques (which we will touch on some other time), they are completely useless if you don’t take the actual step of writing. When you start, you’ll then have a better idea of which techniques work for you and which don’t.
Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. It just has to exist.

Pick a time and a place, set a timer for 30 mins and just write whatever ideas come to your mind on your selected topic.
After 30mins, read back what you have written.

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