Taking A Break

As an upcoming or professional writer, there will be days where the zeal to write is missing or our motivation levels seem very low. Sometimes, this feeling may span from a day and could even linger to a week or more. 

From personal and public experiences, it is perfectly normal to be unmotivated on some days. There could also be times when you have an urge to write but nothing definite or concrete seems to be in your thoughts. Perhaps you may have started a particular article, story or poem, and somewhere in-between, you got stuck or developed a writer’s block.

When any of the aforementioned scenarios happens, the first (likely) reaction would be to panic. After the panic comes some level of emotion ranging from anger, disappointment, irritation or even you feeling like giving up. However, it is of utmost importance to take a break and rest as this helps to rejuvenate one’s self; mind and spirit alike.

Now, you may ask – what can I do in this resting phase? 

Go For a Walk
Walks are one of the effective ways to relieve stress, as well as improving one’s memory and boosting creativity. Taking long walks regularly also helps keep us physically fit.

Speak to Strangers
Yes, you read right. Personally, I discovered that engaging in conversations with people (especially those you are not used to) can actually help broaden your horizons as you get exposed to their experiences, views and perspectives across various subjects. This singular act stirs creative ideas in one’s mind which is beneficial to the alleviation of the writer’s block we may have at the time. 

Listen to Music

Music serves as a soothing balm and can help relax one’s nerves in times of unsettledness. Irrespective of the genre, good music serves as a good escape route and rejuvenates our souls.

Explore New Places
A change in environment can be essential to our mental state. Visiting new places and taking tours within or outside your city help enrich yet relax the mind. If you are the type who likes to travel a lot, a vacation can be a plus.

Write Down Your Ideas
At certain times, you may have intermittent rushes of ideas in your head (especially after engaging in any of the tips mentioned above). Taking conscious notes of your thoughts are crucial in such moments as these little ideas can be brought to life and fleshed out to yield a proper story, article or poem (depending on your writing flow). If you are old-fashioned like me, I’d recommend having a small notepad/pen in your bag. You can also make use of notepads on mobile devices and gadgets as well while you are on the go.

Embrace Alone Time

As there is a time to interact with others, so there is a time to have be in solitude. In this moment, we are called to reflect inwards and evaluate our life patterns. Engaging in meditations during alone times also help reduce anxiety and ease the mental stress we may have incurred.

In conclusion, having a sudden break in your writing as a result from a block is not the end of the world as these blocks are only temporary. You can also choose to exercise, hike, read books or do other things that can serve as stress-relievers. Since inspiration cannot be forced, we are advised to rest a bit when at a shortage of ideas, reach deep to our innermost minds and engage in other extra-curricular  activities that can influence its (inspiration) return.

Have a good week.

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