Indulgence, by Chiedozie Omeje is out now!

With his stellar 3 chapter story, Autumn, Chiedozie won the 2020 C. I. T. Writers Award, receiving a publishing contract with us.

Claiming his victory, he has used that stepping stone as a podium to launch his writing career with his first book, Indulgence.

There are no answers in this world. Yet I look for them when I read and give them when I write, because it’s too boring to have nothing to do.

Chiedozie omeje, Author.

Indulgence is now available on amazon, okadabooks, play books and Chartus.X.


Indulgence is a journey through the righteous scandal of a willing spirit betrayed by flesh only willing to taste and taste again.

In this little book, Chiedozie meticulously explores every passionate detail to show that much like good, evil is the paradox of an art form where the painter is the painting.

(!) MATURE CONTENTcontains graphic depictions of sexuality, strong language, violence and mature themes. Not suitable for readers under 18.


The Chartus.X, C. I. T. Writers award is an annual writing contest founded in honour of the Late Chief Dr. Charles Inko-Tariah Wokoma.

Chief Dr. Charles Inko-Tariah Wokoma

The contest is open to all genres and no previous writing experience is required.
Contest entrants may enter only once, and entries must be no more than 2,000 words.
The grand prize winner will be taking home a FREE Chartus.X Publishing Package!

Entry is FREE!

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