Giving false information or a sloppy account of a thing or known event is pretty much an insult to your readers. There is a large component of make-belief in writing fiction, but the need for accuracy is non negotiable. Readers know more than writers give them credit for. 

You may have read a book that got you asking if the writer actually knew what he was talking about. You ask this question because the writer breached the unwritten promise of a believable story they made when they chose to publish that book/story. 

Research is the way to sharpen the tools needed to craft believable stories. It gives the facts that help authors model characters and build believable plots. 

The best creative writings are made from a healthy blend of facts and fiction. Research supplies the facts. Creative writing is placing a fun perspective on information 


Take a health condition you don’t know much about and write a short story about a regular day of a character who lives with it.

We appreciate you reading today’s creative writing key. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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