Books are for people

Different writers put pen to paper for different audiences. Some write for their gratification alone, while some write for an audience comprising of more people than themselves.

As a writer, you have a duty to define who you’re writing for. This means you also would need to take into consideration what they want to read. Creative writing, like every good product, should be successful, and since this success is determined by your readers, their demand should play a fundamental role in your creativity.

Readers’ demands are not particularly expressive. It is your duty as a writer to deduce the secret fantasies of your audience. Find out and give them what they want, or what you think they need (even if they don’t know it yet).

A point to note; newer writers easily get carried away with trying to satisfy the perceived demand of their readers that they forget the reasons they got into creative writing in the first place. Some don’t forget, but making money and selling more copies becomes more important than their initial motivation to write. This is common among commercial fiction writers whose aim is to sell as many copies of their books as possible (and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Just remember to write every word with your why in mind.

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