When Should You Write?

Your natural proclivity is to desire comfort. You don’t want to do anything until the stars have aligned and the booming voice of the universe says, “It’s time to write, my dear child.” But the question is, when was the last time you heard that voice? Have you even ever?

It all comes down to that old search for certainty and the right mood. But you should know by now not to fancy phantoms. Certainty is a mirage and the right mood is within your power to create. I cannot tell you the exact time you should write, but I can tell you that the years you spent wondering when are the years you did not write.

You should know that except for worrying, time is never right for anything else. So, find a portion of your time and train yourself to find it right to write. Peter DeVries once wrote, “I only write when I feel inspired, and I make sure I’m inspired every morning at 9 a.m.”

Drill yourself into a habit of readiness that is determined by choice and not external factors not under your control.


For every writer, there are times when you need a break from the art. One example is when you experience a block and need time to lubricate your imagination. Check out our creative writing key, Taking A Break for details.


Time is never right unless you make it. You have the power to take control and trap your mood within the carriage of habit.

Time is not on your side, and the Universe is a mute comedian.

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