Where Should You Write?

Imagine a comfortable chair, a table of exactly the right height, a computer and a mug of hot coffee or a bottle of booze. Then imagine you cannot afford any of them.

The point here is, when you train yourself to reduce creative writing to comfortable environments, you make your creativity a potential that can only be fully alive under such environments. For someone who has got only one shot at life where time’s only goal is to kill you, you’re not being fair to yourself.

Just like the question of when to write, kill the desire for comfort and train yourself to create under conditions less desirable. We know great writers who wrote onboard moving trains, we know employees who wrote at diner tables and homeless people who wrote at park benches. Surprisingly, these writings aren’t the worst out there, and that’s putting it modestly.


We do not by any chance intend to understate the need for good creative writing set-up. We are just suckers for maximum productivity and we know that we are all less alive today than we were yesterday. We believe your creativity should not be placed at the mercy of perfect moments and places. If and when you do get a perfect moment and place, let it be to review and perfect what you were able to create against all the odds.


Creative writing should not be entirely up to the best environments. A habit of readiness can switch on the lights of creativity even in the worst places.

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