On Beginning…

In this key, our aim is to help you find what kind of writing will best express whatever it is you want to write, especially as it relates to your why for writing.

Creative writing as an art has no rules. This means that as a creative, you can write about anything in any of the known and unknown writing art forms. However, every perspective of an idea has a genre known to capture it better than the others. The question you want to answer here is, how does the idea you want to write about present itself to you? Does it come to you as a song or a story, does it dramatize itself or does it come as measured combinations of all three?

Most of the time, the nature of an idea is shaped by your deep-seated why for writing.


If your why for writing is to tell how it feels to fall in or out of love, you’re most likely going to end up a poet. Your why guides your perspective of an idea and your perspective picks the genre.


There are occasions when you must have to chose a genre regardless of the genre through which an idea or topic resonates with you. For example, in a writing competition like C.I.T Writers Award, where you must write about an idea or topic in a designated genre.


Listen to your idea and how it presents itself. You can always choose how you want to write about anything, but you’d find it difficult rebelling against an idea packaged by your why.

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