Study The Craft

There is a basic structure for every genre of creative writing. It is upon this basic structure that the writer’s individual uniqueness comes in as worthy appendages. Without a basic structure or frame, unique appendages are unworthy by default.

Learn the structure of the kind of writing you want to do. That way, you will know how to break the rules and earn commendations for your sin.


If you intend to write fiction, you should at least study how plotting works.


It’s easy to get boxed within boundaries of learning the craft that you forget creativity is art, not science. Don’t get struck trying to get it ‘right.’ No one knows what is right. As an art, creative writing has no rules except the ones you create yourself.


Study the basic structure of the art you admire. Then build on it with a generous imagination. When you know the structure, your creativity is nothing but the uniqueness you can bring to what is already known.

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