Plan And Plan Again

Don’t just be a writer who only practices writing. Pick a project and work on it. A writing project, like a book, is good but shouldn’t end whenever it ends. Projects have time frame. Give yourself time when you should be done.

This is where planning comes in. Planning gives you a clearer picture of the project other than just the image of a book jacket with your name on it. With planning, you learn what your project entails in terms of the amount of research needed, the length of the final output and even how long it will take you to complete with daily or weekly targets.

Planning is an essential tool for any writer who takes the craft seriously. Such writer knows to be willing to review the plan if it’s failing. But how do you know if a project is failing if you never planned for it?


Do not be so rigid with planning and reviewing the plan that it takes the place of your art. Perfection has a way of hijacking every stage of the creative writing process. Be smart enough to know when reviewing a plan has turned to you hanging on the sentiments of perfectionism. Plan review doesn’t mean the point of project deadline should be overlooked. Especially when even you, the creative, has a deadline hovering over your lifespan.

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