Beginning With “Where?”

As a way to begin a story, the question of “Where” is best applied if the priority of your story idea is about a place. In the end, every story has a place where something, sometime, for some reason, happened to the people it happened. But amongst all these elements, some story ideas wish to explore the Setting of a story as its main priority. In such a scenario, begin your story with the question “Where?”

Narrowing your focus to the “Where” of Place-inspired story idea guarantees you don’t struggle with your beginning.

When you have answered the question of “Where” properly, you can easily select the measures and combinations of the remaining four elements (Who, When, What and Why) that best emphasise the focus and priority of your story – The Place.


Your story idea prioritizes “Where” (Place) does not mean that you can downplay the other elements. An essential part of the story Setting is the Place and the Time of the event. Settings become authentic when you consciously do justice to the other elements. This creative writing key aims to help you begin a story idea about a Place, not to score the element of Setting as more important than the rest.


“London was a city I called home until I married James.”

The advantage of beginning your story with the focus of the idea is that it leads you in the directions of thought that best serve that purpose. In the above example, you will notice that your natural inclination would be to tell a story of how your beloved London ceased to be home, or how it became home again.

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