Beginning With “Why?”

As a way to begin a story, “Why” is best applied if the priority of your story idea is about the Reason or Meaning of what happened. In the end, every story explores why sometime, something happened to some people where it did. But amongst all these elements, some story ideas focus on the Reason or Meaning behind events as their main priority. In such a scenario, begin your story with the question “Why?”

Narrowing your focus to the “Why” of a Reason-inspired story idea makes the task of beginning the story less stressful.

When you have answered the question of “Why” correctly, you can easily select the measures and combinations of the remaining four elements (Who, When, Where, and What) that best emphasise the focus and priority of your story – The Reason or Meaning.


Your story idea prioritises on “Why” (Reason or Meaning) does not mean that you can downplay the other elements. There is a Reason or Meaning because in the first place, something happened to someone, sometime, somewhere. The point of this creative writing key is to solve the puzzle of beginning a story idea focused on investigating the Reason or Meaning of an event, not to score the element of “Why” as more important than the others.


“Staring at the high ceiling of the office, Detective Boris could not say how the 87-year-old President hung himself… or why it seems like he did.”

One prominent feature of beginnings with “Why” is that they either present a puzzle to be solved or present the solved puzzle. Whichever form it chooses depends on the part of the story plot from which you wish to start writing.

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