Our Authors

Kaitlyn Deann

Kaitlyn Deann is an award-winning author of speculative fiction for both young and new adults.

As a writer, Kaitlyn hopes to keep her readers turning pages late into the night and give them something to think about long after they finish the last page. She resides in Texas with her family.

To find out more, visit her website at www.authorkaitlyndeann.com

Selassie Agroh

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Selassie enjoys making things and her breadth of abilities is impressive. From trying out new recipes in the kitchen to photographing gorgeous locations and trying her hand at new things, she is always up for a challenge.

She has a wealth of experiences as a result of her early exposure to living in several locations throughout the world, some of which she shares through her storytelling.

Her goal is to make reading fun for all children

Xyvah M. Okoye

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Reader, writer, part-time human.

Her fuel is coffee, and her cogs are best greased with Peanut M&M’s.
When she isn’t tinkering with the mechanics of another story, she might be refuelling her magic in a pool, on the beach, or close to some other body of water. And at times like that, with her pointy ears twitching and her button nose buried in a book, if you look close enough, you just might see the shimmering veil around her… The veil between this world, and hers… Between what is, and what possibly could be.

Chiedozie Omeje

I have learned that like alcohol, reading and writing are more intoxicating ways to unsuccessfully look for the meaning of life. I read, pretending I’ll find something; I write, pretending I’ve found it.

There are no answers in this world. Yet I look for them when I read and give them when I write, because it’s too boring to have nothing to do. I guess I’m confused. I guess life doesn’t need answers to be full. I guess all I found was this raw honesty.

Dawn Lulu-Briggs

Dawn Lulu-Briggs is a self-taught inspirational speaker who has developed enough strength to keep going, no matter what.

She is a resilient, selfless goal-getter, and an emerging thought-leader who never points you in directions or areas she hasn’t walked in herself.

She is fearless and full of faith.

Rex-Daniel Ezeugwu

Rex-Daniel Muna Ezeugwu

Rex lives with his mum in the city of Ile-Ife, in Osun State, Nigeria, constantly keeping her on her toes with his broad and diverse interests and hobbies. He spends his alone-time reading, writing and making or listening to music, playing the violin, piano and the drums.

When he isn’t visiting friends, galleries or historical sights, he also enjoys cooking, taekwondo and has just recently started taking computer coding lessons of his own volition.

This amazing young author will go on to leave his mark on this world as he daily writes his story in the sands of time.