Book Reviews

A book review is a summary description and analysis of your book based on it’s content, style and merit. It’s important to get reviews because gives potential readers an idea of what to expect if they decide to read your book, and sometimes, may actually be the determining factor as to whether or not they do so.

Aside from helping the readers, a review also makes the author aware of their writing strengths and weaknesses, providing the opportunity for improvement. This becomes very advantageous if you are aspiring to produce more literary works in future.


Traditional Review:

This review category runs between 250 – 300 words. The review lays the summary for the contextual background of your book. It also features an unprejudiced opinion on your book. Aside presenting the general relevance of your book, it will also highlight particular information about your book’s strengths and weaknesses.

Expanded Review:

This review category runs between 500 – 550 words. The review offers all that the Traditional Review does, plus a more detailed analysis to enhance author-to-reader feedback and ease your marketing.