An epic tale of love, sacrifice, and man’s hostility toward the unknown.

Each word is carefully thought out and each affirmation is written and sent with love.

Lust, like greed, is carnivorous and cannot be spoonfed.

Told with the innocence and the unfailing positivity of childhood, Rex shows in this book that there is a better way to tell a sad story.

Without light, there can be no darkness…

The darkness of the past is a sign of hope of a brighter future, for, in the darkness, that is where the light shines brightest.

In this collection, Xyvah Okoye took the courage to say our least favorite words. She admitted pain as legitimate, but she also admitted Hope as a worthwhile aspiration.f a brighter future, for, in the darkness, that is where the light shines brightest.

This book is to serve as a guide to the seeking and wandering soul, to help us find our way back into the arms of the one who loves us beyond reason, to help us find our way back home.

this book will guide you to finding and walking in the individual will of God for your life.

An essential read for anyone who wants God to be involved in their lives and for those who want to step into the next dimension in ministry.

This book will help you, and anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, understand the importance of and deepen your commitment to the Church of the living God, that is the Assembling of the brethren together.

When Poppie tries to end her relationship with her long-standing lover, she finds herself facing a bigger dilemma than she is trying to get out of. 

Wouldn’t it be better to allow this story describe itself in its own words?

Isoken leaves Benin with Amanze in search of a better future for herself and her family, unknowingly getting caught up in a sex-trafficking ring.

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