We are actual human beings…

Have you ever been shopping and seen something that looked sooo good on a mannequin, but when you wore it… Yeah, you realised you and the manikin aren’t the same 😩

I don’t know if guys do this but, speaking from a lady’s perspective, we could sometimes become so bugged down by ideals on how to look and what to wear. This leads us to erroneous diet plans and exercise routines we hate as we try to transform our bodies to look like the magazine and runway super models.

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Caged birds

Why do we cage ourselves and play down our potential?

Why are we programmed from a young age to believe that self-limitation is synonymous with modesty and self-doubt, with humility?

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Remember to live

Life is short… I think anyone past 21 realises that. 

We spend a lot of time worrying about what people think, feel and would say, and in the process cage and restrict ourselves. 

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“I am a teenager and I feel like I don’t have a purpose or direction. Sometimes I get this deep sadness within me. I don’t know how to deal with it, and all I can do is think about it. Has anyone else gone through this? How do I overcome it?”

It sounds to me like you may be on the verge of depression and you may need counselling or some form of intervention. Don’t take that the wrong way. I’ve been there too.

These feelings aren’t often caused by one thing alone. Most times, there are many factors involved in you experiencing this and what councelling does is it gives you the opportunity to clear your mind and make sense of your thoughts.

Here are a few things that really help:

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“How do I get started on writing my novel?”

Try a pen and paper…

To be quite honest, the best way to start writing anything is simply to start.

Depending on the type of novel you’re writing, the ideas would either develop as you go along or the characters will take on a life and personality of their own.

Don’t worry about writer’s block. It happens to the best of us. When you get stuck, just step back, take some time off from writing and allow the story to run its natural course. Something will re-inspire you and your work will come back to life.

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By Chiedozie Omeje


Isoken leaves Benin with Amanze in search of a better future for herself and her family, unknowingly getting caught up in a sex-trafficking ring.

(!) MATURE CONTENTcontains graphic depictions of sexuality, strong language, and mature themes. Not suitable for readers under 18

(c) All Rights Reserved. 
Content used with permission from the author.

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The creative mind is one which sees life from a different perspective to that of the average person. 

Creative ideas are inspired by the things we see, hear and experience in our everyday lives, and go beyond the normal or standard way of thinking. 

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by Casidii


Ink is one short but epic story of self-discovery by Casidii, who beautifully portrays (in less than three chapters) the internal battle we all must in order to rise and realize who we truly are.


Content used with permission from author.

For more works from Casidii Studios visit https://casidii.wordpress.com

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L’histoire d’amour tragique

by Xyvah Okoye


From dysfunction to a dream come true, Adesuwa barely escapes death at the hands of her abusive boyfriend, finally finding true love in the arms of an old friend, Tayo.

They say true love lasts forever, but for how long is Adesuwa’s forever fated to last?


A three-chapter story to make the COVID-19 pandemic period easier.

Category: Romance, Tragedy

(!) MATURE CONTENTcontains graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, strong language, and mature themes. Not suitable for readers under 18

(c) All Rights Reserved.

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