Creative Writing Keys

  • Study The Craft
    Study the basic structure of the art you admire. Then build on it with a generous imagination.
  • On Beginning…
    Creative writing as an art has no rules. This means that as a creative, you can write about anything in any of the known and unknown writing art forms. However, every perspective of an idea has a genre known to capture it better than the others.
  • Where Should You Write?
    when you train yourself to reduce creative writing to comfortable environments, you make your creativity a potential that can only be fully alive under such environments.
  • When Should You Write?
    It all comes down to that old search for certainty and the right mood. But you should know by now not to fancy phantoms. Certainty is a mirage and the right mood is within your power to create. I cannot tell you the exact time you should write, but I can tell you that the years you spent wondering when are the years you did not write.
  • Books are for people
    Readers’ demands are not particularly expressive. It is your duty as a writer to deduce the secret fantasies of your audience. Find out and give them what they want, or what you think they need (even if they don’t know it yet).
  • Knowing your “Why”.
    WHY DO YOU WANT TO WRITE? Through the holiday period, […]
  • Research
    Giving false information or a sloppy account of a thing […]
  • The viewpoint character
    Every story has an aim or reason driving its telling. […]
  • On Modelling…
    All readers are drawn to stories about things they recognise: […]
  • Stretch your creativity
    I think the only time you should take Write What You Know seriously is when it’s obvious that your story is lacking in logical and emotional sense.
  • Taking A Break
    As an upcoming or professional writer, there will be days […]
  • Just Do It
    Interested in writing? Got a great idea for a book […]
  • Diligence
    Putting in careful and persistent work or effort is a […]
  • Begin With A Promise
    Creative writing, especially when writing a story, should begin with […]
  • It’s All About The Story
    As a writer, it’s important to develop your writing style, […]
  • Write Daily
    Get into the habit of writing daily.
  • Read Widely
    Reading widely not only broadens your vocabulary, it also expands […]
  • See the story behind the scenes
    There’s a back-story to every scene playing before you. The […]
  • Live well, then write well
    The creativity flows from your heart. When your heart is […]
  • Write what you would like to read
    There’s nothing more frustrating than writing stuff you’re not interested […]
  • Interpretation
    Conceptualising and expressing ones observations is a skill largely acquired […]
  • Perspective
    The creative mind is one which sees life from a […]