Rex-Daniel Ezeugwu

Rex-Daniel Muna Ezeugwu

Rex lives with his mum in the city of Ile-Ife, in Osun State, Nigeria, constantly keeping her on her toes with his broad and diverse interests and hobbies. He spends his alone-time reading, writing and making or listening to music, playing the violin, piano and the drums.

When he isn’t visiting friends, galleries or historical sights, he also enjoys cooking, taekwondo and has just recently started taking computer coding lessons of his own volition.

This amazing young author will go on to leave his mark on this world as he daily writes his story in the sands of time.

My Coronavirus Story” by Rex-Daniel is mow available on amazon kindle.
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After meticulously journaling his experiences through the coronavirus lockdown period, Rex compiled his writings into a story he determined to share with his friends, his family, his country and the rest of the world before his 6th birthday.

My Coronavirus Story narrates the captivating experience of a five-year old boy, Muna, who was happy to learn he must stop school because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, his joy was short-lived when he also learned that he could not play with friends or do most of the things he loved.

When he couldn’t endure the boredom of the lockdown any longer, he conspired with his mother, Nana, to kill coronavirus…

Told with the innocence and the unfailing positivity of childhood, Rex shows in this book that there is a better way to tell a sad story.

The most interesting thing in My Coronavirus Story is how such a young author blends information and wit effortlessly.

Praise for “My Coronavirus Story”

Rex is a smart, intelligent and curious kid. When I first saw him, I was immediatly attracted to him. On our third meeting, he told me about his book, I read it and I was thrilled. It’s a rich documentary of his personal experiences during the pandemic. The books highlights how kids relate with changes. Rex has spear-headed himself to share his side of the story and in the process, has document his ordeal for reference purposes and for the future generation.

Rex represents hope for the future and I am proud of his efforts.

Rt. Hon Mubarak Mijinyawa
Speaker, Nigerian Youth Parliament

Rex shows phenomenal insight and presence of mind in his narration of the changes that occur around him as measures to combat covid -19 necessitate a lockdown.

His personality, storytelling prowess, and innocence shine through in this very relatable book.

Esosa Daniel-Oniko,

This is a wonderful story from Rex. I like the honesty and simplicity of the story. I think he should be encouraged to write more. As he grows, l know he will be a great writer some day.

Prof. Ahmed Yerima,
Professor of Dramatic art, Play write, and Author.