Stretch your creativity

Haven’t we all had our fair share of the crippling writing advice: Write What You Know? The givers of this advice come at you with hard buttocks rendered rigid from sitting so long in the writers’ comfort zone. They don’t ‘waste’ time imagining what is unfamiliar to them and they don’t attempt to tell stories not crafted about characters like them within settings like the ones in which they live.

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“What is the way to be emotionally strong in life?”

Emotional strength can imply many things.

Sometimes people take emotional strength to be not letting things get to you.

What I’ve learnt in life is that being emotionally strong is not about not feeling emotions, it’s about understanding and dealing rightly with them.

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“I miss someone so much. What should I do?”

Well, that depends on a number of factors… like mainly, if they’re alive or not.

If they’re alive and you have a direct contact number… maybe check up on them.

And I don’t mean an overly excessive number of calls and texts: that’s just annoying. If you miss someone, there’s nothing wrong with just saying, “hi.”

But then again, it depends on the circumstances surrounding their “being missed.”

If they’re deceased, or they’re alive but due to one or two things you don’t really speak and for whatever reason the relationship can’t be restored, then I’d suggest:

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