Age of the Anathema 2 – Title & Cover Reveal

Regan wants peace, Kayle wants freedom, Sexa wants blood…

Dealing with grief and fighting to stay alive, the young Anathemas find sanctuary in the home of their Kuwaha. Then a magical brand suddenly appears on Anathemas in Sabato, and Regan makes it his mission to find and save his kind from the Council, no matter the cost.

Until the asking price is the life of his friend.

When a rescue-gone-wrong shatters what little stability the children have found, the young prince is forced to face his greatest fears as he tries to preserve what is left of their little colony.

But the alignment approaches, the necromancer awakens, and blood must be paid for freedom if they are ever to truly have peace. 

The story continues in the spell-binding sequel to Tainted.