Character Entrance 4: Report

This method of character introduction brings a character on stage by reporting how other characters perceive him. Therefore, who the character is or eventually becomes to the reader is who other characters in the story say he is.

This method works best when you want to introduce a public figure into your story. A celebrity, for example. Commonly, famous people have a public image usually known to everyone in the story world. And sometimes, even before the character steps into the story, his name or what other characters know him by glides through the story from the other characters’ viewpoints.

Also, Reporting as a Character Entrance method doesn’t have to be restricted to famous characters alone. As long as you want your readers to see the character for the first time through other characters, this method will serve you.


That night, when Christian Fall fell off the bridge, everyone who heard knew that it wasn’t because he had been drinking. They couldn’t remember a night when Christian wasn’t drunk, especially since Helen, his wife, died on their wedding night. Tonight, the little towners feel both guilty and relieved. The only financial and emotional charity case they have lay bloated on the riverbank. Dead. Now, they must find another. Because they must continue to be good people.

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The viewpoint character

Every story has an aim or reason driving its telling. The purpose of a story informs the perspective from which it is told. Point of view simply asks, from whose eyes shall your readers witness the events that make up your story?

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