L’histoire d’amour tragique

by Xyvah Okoye


From dysfunction to a dream come true, Adesuwa barely escapes death at the hands of her abusive boyfriend, finally finding true love in the arms of an old friend, Tayo.

They say true love lasts forever, but for how long is Adesuwa’s forever fated to last?


A three-chapter story to make the COVID-19 pandemic period easier.

Category: Romance, Tragedy

(!) MATURE CONTENTcontains graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, strong language, and mature themes. Not suitable for readers under 18

(c) All Rights Reserved.

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Writers Give Back: The 3 Chapter Story Challenge

Coronavirus! Coronavirus!! Coronaviiiiirus!!!!

As the world battles this debilitating pandemic, we all sit at home, self-isolating, watching in fear as the death polls rise and resources depreciate. It’s scary how quickly the virus has spread and even scarier to see scientists, medical workers and security (police) personnel working hard to fight this.

I have people I love fighting on the front-line, friends and family, including my own mother, so the self-isolation appeal means much more to me than you could think. That’s why, to help make this difficult time a bit more bearable, I’m calling on all authors, writers, bloggers, poets and the like to join me in the #3cschallenge (3 chapter story challenge).

Its time to use our literary gift to give back to the world in this hard time.

The challenge is to write a story in just three chapters… three chapters because it’s long enough to be a full story and short enough for people who don’t really read to also enjoy it.

Remember to use the #3cschallenge, #writersgiveback #covid-19 when you share it on social media, or you can send it privately to me and I’ll post it up on my blog for you: