Tainted: Age of the Anathema, 1 by Xyvah M. Okoye
CATEGORY:Fiction/Epic Fantasy
Hardcover ISBN:978-1-8383385-8-9
Paperback ISBN:978-1-8383385-5-8
eBook ISBN:978-1-8383385-4-1
Large Print ISBN:978-1-8383385-9-6


Trouble is brewing on the Southern border of Sabato, and Regan Kalish must do whatever it takes to protect his family.

Without his father’s inheritance ring, the Lepane Prince seeks work with a Kuwaha, Dioohn, to help his mother and save his great-grandfather. He is reunited with his childhood best friend, Kayle, and the prodigious Sexa, as he uncovers the dark secrets about his bloodline and magical heritage. Secrets his family have tried to keep hidden, secrets that would change their lives as they knew it, and the fate of the whole of Eutopia.

Series: Age of the Anathema

Series no.: Book 1