Web novels

Welcome to our web novel library!

For those who don’t know what a web novel is, it’s any type of novel that’s published online as a page, a downloadable format (such as PDF), or any other electronic format.

Some web novels are free-to-read, while others are pay-to-read.

A web novel can very well grow to become a published book!

We at Chartus.X understand this and have put together a number of stories (with more on the way) for your enjoyment, ranging from a quick 4 min read to over 20 mins of story time.

If you’re a lover of books and short stories, you’re in the right place.

Completed Webnovels

Ongoing Webnovels

Also, if you’re a writer of novels/short stories and are interested in getting them published with us, simply email chartus.x@gmail.com (re: web novel enquiry) with your name, the title of your story and a synopsis.

All our stories are copyright © protected and licensed for your enjoyment only.
Please respect the hard work of the author by refraining from copying their work (except for the purpose of adverting it)